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Are You a Film Maker?

People have told stories for thousands of years and film making is simply story telling - with moving images. If you want to make films, all you need is a mobile phone these days, one with a camera and that records video. The rest you can learn. There are techniques to using a mobile phone for film making as there are for using more sophisticated cameras and tech.

People have made films in Burnley for almost a hundred years first using cine film, then video tape and now digital cards which have replaced what came before, but the techniques to film making haven't changed. And story telling hasn't changed either. If you want to learn how to tell stories through film come and join Burnley Film Makers - we have a wealth of experience and examples we can show you. We meet every Wednesday at Higham Village Hall (BB12 9EU) at 7:30 between now and next May. Were currently working on this years newsreel and planning our annual film festival at the moment - so why not come and join in and be part of it? You'll be made most welcome.

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