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BFM at Cheadle & Gatley 28/2/19

Four of our members made the trip over to our friends at Cheadle & Gatley. Burnley Film Makers have a long association with C&G.

We took over a programme of our films, hopefully to entertain and show what we at Burnley have been getting up to. It also gave a chance to congratulate Cheadle member

David Andrew on his award of a UNICA medal, a very well deserved reward for his work within the amateur movie world. It was also nice to see him looking well after his recent illness.

As usual we were made very welcome and we were well fed during the interval.

Inter club visits are, sadly, becoming rarer. We can exchange programmes but this doesn't give you the personal contact and friendly banter. So let's hope we can keep these visits going well into the future. 

Cheadle & Gatley's David Andrew with his UNICA award

David Andrew and the Burnley team from last night


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