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Mercury Movies Visit - Secretary's Report

On the 6th March we were pleased to welcome 4 members of Mercury Movies who made the trip over from Yorkshire to entertain us with a programme of their films.

We were shown a variety of films on a variety of subjects..

From a music video featuring a folk group, a Coot having difficulty building a nest this showed that not all birds are smart. They took us from Scotland to Cornwall and sailing around the Greek islands. Whilst this looked idyllic the would be sailors almost came a cropper in a sudden, unexpected storm. I think I'll stay on terra firma!

We wre particularly impressed with a film from one of their newer members, entitled "Wasp Killer". A very cleverly produced film based on a simple idea. Technically excellent.

It was a thoroughly entertaining evening and the films were all of the high standard we've come to expect from our Yorkshire friends.

We thank them for making the long journey over on not a very pleasant evening.


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