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Secretary's Bulletin 1 (24/2/2019)

Welcome back to Burnley Film Makers website. We've been "off air" for some months, mainly due to a change of Webmaster.

For many years our site was run by our Honorary member, Brian Aspden. Brian, as well as being a member of BFM, is also a member of Portsdown Moviemakers who are based at Emsworth, Hampshire. We are very grateful for Brian's hard work over the years in keeping the BFM name at the forefront but he felt it was time for a change.

Unfortunately changes can take some time to sort out. Our new site has been set up for us by Mark Jackson, a friend of our Chairman Mike Breeze, and will be administered by our Syllabus Secretary Mike Smith.

So the first report is of our meeting of the 20th February. This was billed as "Members Night". Due to circumstances related to heating problems in the club room things had to be changed.So in fact we held our in house competitions for films set to AKM music and 5 min film competition. I use the term competition loosely. Whilst members take it reasonably seriously it's held in a 

light-hearted, friendly atmosphere.

We had five entries for each of the competitions. At the start of the evening our Secretary announced that the prize for the winners would be that they would be club secretary next season.

This turned out to be an error on his part. When the votes were added up it transpired that our current Secretary, yours truly, had won both competitions.

Now, was this because they were the best films on the night, or were members making sure they weren't going to be in the hot seat next season? I'd like to think it was the former.

The new site is looking good and we hope it gives an insight into what goes on at Burnley Film Makers.


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