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To Affinity and Beyond...

Our season begins in earnest on the 25th September when we welcome Brian Aspden from Portsdown Film Makers who will be demonstrating Affinity Designer, the graphic design software package thats very similar to a well known Adobe Product that begins with a P and ends in shop. Yes that's the one. Were asking that members attending bring along a laptop if they have one with Affinity Designer onboard. The software has a 10-day evaluation free trial. To find Affinity Designer, search on Affinity designer trial in Google and you should find its available for Windows or Mac. Give it a go if you can, we will have some laptops to share that others will bring along so you can get some hands on. We begin at 7:30pm at Higham Village Hall so set your satnav to BB12 9EU and see you there! New members particularly welcome!


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