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UPDATE - CORONAVIRUS and Burnley Film Makers

Someone, maybe film maker and actor Tom Hanks is probably writing the script for this blockbuster right now as he and his wife are in self-isolation somewhere in Australia. As the pandemic takes hold and the virus spreads across the globe, it now grips most of Europe, and this week it's had an impact on Burnley Film Makers with a number of events having to be postponed and re-scheduled for the rest of the month of March. We are not out of it by a long way yet, and the UK experts say the effects of the virus could last anywhere between 10-14 weeks taking us to the summer before the virus starts to decline. Here at BFM, we are planning to continue as best we can for now and members are asked to watch the Facebook page and the website news for the latest information.

So, next week, the 18th was going to be the visit from Radio Lancashire who were going to dedicate a two-hour programme to BFM and film making in the Burnley area. We worked closely with the BBC's Maria Felix Vas and the 'Your Lancashire' programme team to set this up, but sadly the virus had its say and we have had to postpone that in addition to the 2020 Film Festival and the Annual Winners Show.

The 18th March session now will be as originally programmed, the NON-Winners evening and that will take place at Higham next week. All being well, fingers crossed, there won't be any more changes (he says) this week! WATCH THIS SPACE! Best wishes Film Makers, stay safe and see you all at Higham next week.


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