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I think that most of you will agree that Joseph did an excellent job with our Newsletter but with nothing planned before we restart I need to give members a brief note about what has been happening during the summer break and what to expect in September.

Firstly the Committee has met each month to discuss events and to plan ahead. All these meetings have been via ZOOM with Keith agreeing to take the Chair.

We agreed that the online Burnley Festival was well supported and received. Obviously, it was a major change from all the previous Festivals with no actual get-together or presentations. I would like to mention both Ron and Mike for the work they put in to make the occasion such a success. No doubt they will tell you more when we meet again on September 15th. In Committee, much discussion took place on the subject of the next Festival and we have decided that Burnley Film Makers will not be staging a Festival during the forthcoming 2021-22 season. Again, we will explain more when we are together, but central to the decision, was a large question mark over ‘people’power and who would organise things either online or at the Youth Theatre.

Various events have been filmed during the coronavirus and so there will be a Newsreel that Carl is already editing. For those of you who have not done much filming we do intend to hold the usual club competitions next Spring. The categories will be the same so do make a start now! The 5-minute and the AKM competitions will not be competitive – if that makes sense. No huge prizes or judges criticism.

This year is the 90th anniversary of the first cine/video/movie club in Burnley. Just how are we to celebrate this is something else to discuss on September the 15th.

As our representative on the hall committee, Keith has added the following details about work at Higham Village Hall.

“Over the recent shutdown we have taken the opportunity to make major changes to the sound system in the clubroom, plus the installation of additional power points.

“We now have four powered speakers , these eliminate the need for a separate amplifier. As you may recall, we have had some embarrassing sound issues in the past due to the amplifier cutting out.

“We have also installed a Bluetooth transmitter. This will give hirers of the hall the ability to use the sound system, via their own Bluetooth device, such as mobile phones and iPad This will mainly be used to play music at parties and functions etc.

“The extra power points should enable us to have less wires trailing across the room.

“As we have agreed that the Village Hall can make use of the system, they( the Village Hall Committee) have agreed to share the costs of the work involved, the ratio is yet to be agreed.”

Finally, just a reminder that the first gathering will be at Higham on September the 15th. Mike, our Syllabus Secretary has produced an amazing programme for the new season. Please take a good look when this is published and feel free to air any suggestions when we meet.

Mike Breeze



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