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Wow where did it all go?

Burnley Film Makers 2018-19 season has flown by and on behalf of the committee, I'd just like to thank all our members and our visiting speakers who gave up their time and came along this season to speak to us. You are all brilliant. Thank you. There is a bit of a break now until we meet up again at Higham on the 18th of September but do watch the Burnley Film Makers Facebook Group to stay informed and of course the website. Meanwhile there is always stuff to do and next years syllabus is in draft form and will be published in August.

Along with some of the usual BFM events, following the club survey we ran in March where 83% of members said they would like to have more practical work, it will feature more hands-on film making in house, along with group work exercises in making films and a longer, group project, which I will mention more about later.

On behalf of the committee, have a good summer and thank you once again for all your support this year. Happy Film Making,



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