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Secretary's Report 28/2/2019

Wow!  last nights meeting certainly moved at a pace! 

We welcomed Sam Kuterba-Wall, from Rochdale. Sam works at Zen Internet and is responsible for producing their on-line videos.

Rather than pay for expensive commercial TV screen time, Sam produces in house videos which are then "broadcast", via Facebook and YouTube, 

and are aimed specifically at their customer base.

When Sam arrived at our club room last night it looked looked like he'd brought an entire video studio with him, I don't think we've ever seen so much equipment on one night!

The first part of his presentation gave us some background as to how he got into video production and his work at Zen. The productions were mainly short, snappy and straight to the point. as he said most peoples attention span isn't very long when it comes to watching commercial productions. His presentation was much like his videos short, snappy and moved at a pace. There was a lot of information to take in.

Part two of the evening was devoted to "live streaming". This is a field none of us have ever embarked on. given the equipment required and the obvious stress levels it's unlikely any of will go down that road.

Sam gave us a very entertaining evening and we're very grateful to him for finding time, in what is obviously a very busy schedule, to come and give us a thoroughly enjoyable insight into the world of in house corporate film production. 

We were all impressed with his enthusiasm and energy but then he's much much younger than any of us!!!

(More Photos in Photos section from Sam's presentation)


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